About US

The company was established in 1960. year. It is located in Nova Varos beside the highway (Belgrade - Podgorica), close to the city center.

Its main activity is the production of car parts, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, agricultural machinery, etc..

Parts shipped directly to producers for the first building in their vehicles, transport companies, retail stores, and some of the products are exported to foreign markets.

We note that according to international standards, product quality, implies that he had a reliable system for enterprise-wide business in all its functions, subsystems, our company works and operates according to international standards contained in the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2001.

A systematic search for new space for business promotion, as well as constantly researching the market and are constantly winning new product aims to be better than the competition, engaged in similar activities. Cherishing work with regular partners, expanding existing operations in its own way of development, build, name recognition, trying to stand behind him confirmed business reputation and high quality of our products.